Magilyou Regional Museum of Local History named after E.R. Romanov

The museum was founded in 1867. In 2005, the museum was named after a famous Belarusian ethnographer. Its modern expositions were organized in 1990-1997. The main museum fund contains 131,147 items (by 1 January 2012). Among them, there are manuscripts written on birch bark (the 13th century), arms collection (the 14th-19th century), collections of coins, books by the Mogilyov printing house, icons (the 17th-18th centuries). The museum includes four expositions, located in 18 halls. The exposition "Nature of Our Land" is devoted to the nature of Eastern Belarus. The exposition "Archaeology and Ancient History" shows exhibits of different epochs from the Paleolithic Age to the Medieval Age. The exposition "History of Pre-Soviet Time" shows historical periods of life in the Dnieper region from the 9th century to 1917 in chronological order. The exposition "History of Soviet Time 1917-1945" contains documents, photos, arms, awards and personal things of war veterans. Archaeological and ethnography expeditions are arranged regularly. Research work on regional history is also an important activity of the museum. The museum organizes research practical conferences. About 20 books were published by the results of conferences. The museum is a methodical and research expositional center. One of the main directions of the museum work is activities with children of school and preschool ages. The museum has a branch. It's an ethnographical museum with two expositions: "Traditions and Customs of Homeland" and "Province Mogilyov".

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Magilyou Regional Museum of Local History named after E.R. Romanov.